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Burn iTunes Video Movie TV Shows files to DVD

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Apple iTunes provides you the function of burning music to CD. Burning your purchased music albums to CD is actually a surprisingly effective way to create not only a reliable backup, but also a disc you can listen to on your CD walkman. But Burning purchased iTunes movies or TV shows proves a little more complicated. Because iTunes digital rights management (DRM) license protection don’t allow user to burn iTunes Video Movie TV Shows files to DVD directly.

If you want to burn the TV shows Movies Video downloaded from iTunes music store on to a DVD to watch on DVD player or backup iTunes movie to DVD Disc, you’ll need to exploit the so-called DRM removal tool to remove iTunes DRM protection, convert iTunes Video to DVD format and to burn purchased iTunes library to DVD for purpose to play iTunes content on traditional TV sets, DVD players.

The DRM Removal what we need is Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate (DMC Ultimate) – the flagship product of Daniusoft DRM removal software series integrated full function of DRM removal, DVD Ripper, Media Converter, DVD Creator, Media Transfer, etc. And this tutorial will introduce a fast way to burn iTunes Media to DVD with DMC Ultimate.

Easily install and start DMC ultimate, click ‘add’ button to load iTunes media, usually they are stored in *:My DocumentsMy musiciTunesiTunes Music, including movie and TV show folder. With all settings are finished, click button ‘start’ to begin the conversion.

Now is coming to the main part to burn iTunes media to DVD. With steps above all are finished, we have actually removed DRM protection of iTunes media. Click button ‘tools’ on upper right of DMC ultimate, open the burn option conversion. Add files and folder you want to burn.

DMC ultimate contains several DVD menu templates, or you can even customize title, background, font, etc. click ‘next’ DMC ultimate will automatically estimate result file volume. You can decide whether to keep files or not according to the estimate result.

Then next step is to start burning process. Within several minutes if you see pop up message saying ‘DVD successfully burned’ then congratulate to you for your effort success of burning and DVD will automatically pop up.


1. Above are the whole processes to back up or store iTunes Media files. And this is the easiest way to burn iTunes media to DVD to play on home DVD or TV sets.

2. Windows Media files contain also DRM protection system. This process can also to be used to burn Windows Media WMA/WMV files to DVD.

falexak – Daniusoft.com editor


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