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Siyah İnci Dizisi – Star Tv

GOSSIP GIRL DISSES HAITI RELIEF!!! – Mariah’s Golden Globes & Kimmel Spanks Leno!

Tv'de Bu Hafta 30 Temmuz, 13:02'de eklendi

ps i never meant to offend your vagina! NO MORE TEXTING AND DRIVING! www.youtube.com Thanks for rating 5 STARS! I hope you subscribe for more! Comment Questions of the day (Answer any or all) 1. Which winners were you most happy for at Golden Globes? Who should have won and didn’t? 2. Best dressed / worst dressed. Didn’t Aniston look hot and Garner kinda run down? 3. Any other thoughts / fave moments from the Globes? (beaver) 4. What would you like to say to Taylor Momsen right now? Re: Haiti Bonus: Leave a QUEER COMMENT and stay tuned for the Bonus Question!! Subscribe to JimmyKimmelLive on YouTube! (and thanks to them for the clip!) www.youtube.com ______ MORE BUCK! Official Website: buckhollywood.com What the Buck Show youtube.com Personal Buck Videos: youtube.com Live Shows! Sun 5pm/ Thurs 10pm Eastern: www.blogtv.com Follow Buck on Twitter: twitter.com Friend Buck on Facebook: www.facebook.com Take sexy pics with Buck: dailybooth.com ______________ In this video Buck calls out Jenny Humphy from Gossip Girl for dissing Haiti relief! Golden Globe recap! Kimmel smack talks Leno. Queer comments and I am sorry if i offend your vagina with my lady bit slang! Hope you enjoy! Love, Michael “Buck”


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